Mercedes Benz AM GT

Mercedes Benz AM GT S - Right hand drive Status: Coming Soon

The Mercedes Benz AM GT S is available for tax free import for RHD buyers in New Zealand. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for this Porsche 911 rival which boasts an AMG 4.0 V8 Bi-turbo engine pushing out 462 bhp. Various colous and specifications available.

Mercedes Benz AM GT Import

The Mercedes AMG GT S (available for import) has been developed in-house by the Mercedes AMG division and heads up the new sports car strategy for the Manufacturer. It has a newly developed AMG 4.0 V8 bi-turbo engine with internally mounted turbo chargers. The AM GT has a power output of 462 bhp whilst the higher powered AM GT S pushed out a mammoth 510 bhp. 

The Mercedes AM GT S V8 BlueDIRECT engine possesses a very emotive engine note and allows the driver to tap into immediate power, whether in M or Race mode (using the selectable driving modes).