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Ferrari 458 Spider - Vehicle Specification

Status: In Stock
Driver Side: RHD
Engine Type: Petrol

Please enquire on the form below for further details and one of our team will respond to you shortly.  There are various colours and specifications of the Ferrari 458 Spider in stock, available for tax free import. Our bespoke service includes sea or air freight to New Zealand. 

The Ferrari 458 Spider uses a V8 engine to reach a top speed of 320 km/h. Dynamic, sporty and powerful, it delivers 0-100km/h acceleration in under 3.4 seconds.  The 458 Spider incorporates Ferrari’s renowned dual-clutch paddle-shift gearbox that is seen in F1 to ensure the best handling dynamics.

Ferrari has made the 458 Spider convertible by using an aluminium hard-top solution over the more traditional folding top as it has several advantages. It only takes 14 seconds to deploy, and there is a weight reduction of 25kg compared to the Ferrari F430 Spider. Moreover, the folding roof is seamlessly integrated into the car, both in respect of aesthetics and practicality; the hard top fits in front of the engine bay with no compromising of performance.

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Ferrari 458 Spider