IN STOCK Mercedes C63
Mercedes Benz C-Class C63

The Mercedes Benz C63 now available for tax free export with Import Marques. We can export tax free, new or pre-owned Mercedes C63 for right hand drive buyers. Enquire today for more information.

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IN STOCK Porsche

The Porsche 911 is now available tax free, new or pre-owned in right hand drive form with Import Marques. We are a right hand drive Porsche import specialist who can provide quick lead times.

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Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Quattro

The Audi Q7 is in stock and available for tax free export to New Zealand with Import Marques. The Q7 is available new or pre-owned and in a range of colours and specifications. Contact Import Marques today for more information.

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Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 HSE

Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 HSE is available for tax free export Import Marques. We can supply new or pre-owned Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 HSE for right hand drive buyers. Various colours and specifications are available.

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Importing a car to NZ from the UK - Save Thousands on New & Pre owned cars

Auto ImportImport Marques is a leading European car importer business who has imported RHD prestige cars to New Zealand and other countries globally since 2001. Our company specialises in a range of popular car import brands including Audi, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Rolls Royce. 

We have exported prestige cars to many worldwide and NZ based clients, both trade and private buyers. When dealing with such a major purchase such as a new car import vehicle, you need to ensure that the company you are dealing with provides a 'package' of experience, secure payment, and managed logistics to enable a smooth transaction and final delivery. Our business provides that complete 'package'.

If you are considering importing cars into New Zealand from the UK, please enquire with Import Marques today, specialist NZ car importers.

What can we provide ?

Our business provides the 'complete purchase package' for New Zealand import car buyers from initial purchase with competitive market pricing and quick lead times to the 'final delivery' using our fully insured sea and air freight options.

We can supply the very latest major prestige European import cars, with the option for both brand new and approved pre-owned models. Our office based in Auckland, NZ can handle all the relevant Customs documentation and import procedure so the whole entry process runs smoothly.

The car importers business can be a complex and sometimes risky environment to understand as there are many factors to consider such as price competitiveness, accurate delivery times, and freight / logistics issues, which can all be intimidating, especially if you are sitting on the other side of the world ! However, as a vehicle importer business with extensive experience in dealing with both trade and private car import buyers, we can offer you total peace of mind.

We ship all of our cars from either the UK or Europe direct to Auckland where our local representative will take over the NZ import process. Local GST tax and NZ compliance issues can be discussed with our NZ office as well any other specific quieries relating to the purchase.  


Import cars for sale

The Import Process to NZ

To view our UK to New Zealand detailed import process please click here.

Coming Soon... Available To Pre-Order

Land Rover Discovery 2017 - Right hand drive

The new fifth generation Land Rover discovery is now available to order with Import Marques, there are four different equipment levels available - S, SE, HSE and HSE Luxury. Enquire today for further information.

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Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S - Right hand drive

Import Marques have a small number of Golf GTI Clubsport S cars in RHD form coming up for export sale into New Zealand. This car is a very limited edition model so supply is restricted. Please contact us today to discuss your export needs.

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Porsche 718 Boxster
Porsche 718 Boxster - Right hand drive

The new Porsche 718 Boxster is now available to order with Import Marques for tax free export to New Zealand. The 718 Boxster can be ordered in various colours and specifications, please contact us for the lastest availability and pricing.

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